About Our Company

Harnessing Atlantean power to rein in chaos & deliver bespoke, client focused, extreme cleaning solutions that transcend the status quo

A little about us

Atlantis was formulated in 2020 between life-long friends who possess combined extreme cleaning knowledge, training & experience of 30+ years on the backdrop of a global pandemic in response to the ever-growing necessity of maintaining sterile environments in domestic, commercial & industrial settings. We specialise in fulfilling the complex needs of LA & RP housing, as well as private landlords or any other client with specialist cleaning requirements.
About Our Company, Atlantis Cleaning Solutions

Our Mission

To deliver high value, conscientious & bespoke sanitation solutions for our clients, after all, cleanliness is next to godliness.

Our Vision

We desire to unburden our clients of mundane cleaning responsibilities which can weigh upon them like Atlas Stones, empowering them to pursue more meaningful priorities with their priceless time.